A/Prof Simon Tsao 

Australian Trained Breast, Endocrine and General Surgeon

Associate Professor Simon Tsao brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to personalized care as an Australian trained Specialist in Breast, Endocrine, and General surgery.

Leading Specialist

A/Prof Tsao received his training at two esteemed institutions in Australia, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Alfred Hospital. He furthered his expertise with subspecialist breast and endocrine training at St. Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne. A/Prof Tsao recognises the importance of preserving the patient's breast while achieving optimal aesthetic results, which led him to complete the internationally prestigious Oncoplastic Breast and Endocrine fellowship at St. George's Hospital in London.

Comprehensive Expertise

A/Prof Tsao provides comprehensive care for both cancerous and benign breast conditions. From addressing breast reduction to treating benign breast lumps, breast pain, abnormal nipple discharge, and enlarged male breasts (gynaecomastia), he ensures that patients receive personalized attention and expert treatment. A/Prof Tsao excels in implant breast reconstruction and collaborates with plastic surgeons to perform autologous reconstruction, utilizing the patient's own tissue for optimal results.

Learn more about Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and the benefits it offers to patients.


Innovative Research and Breakthroughs

Professor Tsao's commitment to cancer research is evident through his significant contributions to high-impact journals. His work delves into the genetic and biological aspects of cancer, aiming to advance treatment methodologies. One notable achievement involves the development of nanotechnology designed to specifically target cancer cells, improving treatment efficacy with reduced side effects. Professor Tsao's dedication to staying informed about medical advancements ensures that patients have access to the latest and most effective treatment options.

More information about current research, publications and partner institutes can be found on the Research page.
Cutting Edge Research
Breast Screen

Treatment Principles

Person-Centered Approach

A/Prof Tsao understands that every patient is unique. He takes the time to listen, gaining a thorough understanding of their needs and concerns. Collaborating closely with his patients, he crafts personalised treatment plans that align with their specific situations and goals. Patients can expect compassionate care and exceptional outcomes with A/Prof Tsao.

Minimally Invasive Solutions

With a focus on minimally invasive surgery, A/Prof Tsao specialises in thyroid and parathyroid diseases, ensuring surgical intervention only when necessary. As a general surgeon, he adeptly handles common general surgical problems, including hernias, gallbladder issues, appendix concerns, toe nails, carpal tunnel syndrome, and haemorrhoids. His GESA accreditation for gastroscopy and colonoscopy underscores his commitment to providing comprehensive care.


Australian affiliations:
Breast Cancer Network Australia
Australian and New Zeland Endocrine Surgeons
Breast Cancer Trials
International affiliations:

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Consultations are provided in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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